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RelieflyLab® | Lower Back Belt

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RelieflyLab® | Lower Back Belt


4.7/5 stars rated.
Based on 2,365 reviews.

Trusted by 75.000+ People


1 Hour ago

My husband could hardly walk ...

My husband could hardly walk because of sciatica. This has helped him so much that he has been able to return to his roofing job.

Julie L.


7 Hours ago

I have a back problem that may be...

I have a back problem that may be a herniated disc or a muscle problem very close to one of the discs. My back twists randomly and then takes a week to 10 days to recover.

I bought this product without hoping it would help, but it reduced my last event to 2 days and seemed to heal the pain during that time.

It is comfortable to wear all day.

Liz H.


15 Hours ago

My husband see this product...

My husband see this product having suffered recently with a flare up in his sciatica, he has bought 4 products in the last week to help eliminate the pain and this so far although early days has helped a lot with the pain. Once fitted it stays in place all day and it does help with the pain so would recommend to help with anybody suffering with sciatica.

Heather Hodson


2 Days ago

I have severe arthritis in my left hip ...

I have severe arthritis in my left hip, as I dislocated it over 10 years ago. I wore the support at work, I am a Teachibg Assisstant. We did a lot of walking in the morning and then in tbe afternoon. If I hadn't had the support on I would not have managed in the afternoon. It was comfortable to wear. Overall an excellent product, made very well with quality materials. I will definitely be wearing it again! And I would definitely recommend this product to others with a similar problem.

Emily M.


4 Days ago

I brought this for running so checked ...

I brought this for running so checked reviews first. I can say that this support is so comfortable and unobtrusive. I had been using the support for running 5k with no problems but yesterday was the 10k test which this support passed the flying colours.

Oliver W.


9 Days ago

This has to be the best purchase...

This has to be the best purchase I've made to date for under a year I've strugle with back issues recently told I've a slipped disc putting pressure on the sciatic nerve got this today an already feel the relief thanks highly recommend.

Emma Jones


10 days ago

Bulging disk in lower back almost immobilised...

Bulging disk in lower back almost immobilised and then I got this. Initially wore it 6 hours a day but I now find I only need it when I am mucking the ponies out or similar exercise. It stays in place and can be worn under or over clothing equally effectively.

Mary FitzGerald


16 Hours ago

Done exactly what I hoped...

Done exactly what I hoped. Awaiting double hips replacement operations and needed support to keep mobile prior to D day. Maybe afterwards too. Very effective at this stage .

Dan F.


19 Hours ago

I have arthritis developing a hip ...

I have arthritis developing a hip joint injured previously decades ago. Pain on walking but not sitting , lying down or cycling. This belt significantly holds the hip joint in a comfortable position and can be finely adjusted to focus on the exact position of discomfort. It is well made and easy to put on and can be worn over cloths for short periods of exercise.

Noel Houston

Everyone Loves The RelieflyLab™ Lower Back Belt!

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"I have been dealing with age related pains, sciatica, lower back, groin pull, knee strain all related to each other. Using this support I noticed right away that I was able to do my activities (bowling & golf) with good support and much less pain. I got this mainly for my groin. I actually stay down on my release without feeling like I’m straining every muscle in my body. I definetly reccomend trying this if you are sufferering the same problems. Quality product and well made , I bought 2 so I can trade off every week."

"I purchased this for my 85-year-old father, who has been suffering from severe lower back and leg pain (sciatica) due to a fall he had several years ago. The pain only started about a year ago, and after going to literally 14 different doctors/pain management clinics, this product is the only thing that has helped him.

He's gone from "duck-walking" and using the grocery stores' electric carts to back in the yard weed-eating and mowing the grass. After spending the day out in the yard, he text me and said, "The belt you got me does a fantastic job controlling pain - there was NONE!""

"This belt is an absolute lifesaver! I've been dealing with sciatica for years, and this product has provided me with so much relief. It's comfortable to wear and provides excellent support without restricting movement. I can now go about my daily activities without worrying about my back pain. Highly recommended!"

Have a Question? We Can Help!

Instantly! Our belt will provide instant relief from pain the first time you use it. With consistent use over a two week period you will gain benefits that last a lifetime.

The Reliefly™ Lower Back Belt can be worn all day. You can start with a few hours as soon as you experience pain, and you can then add more hours if it’s needed. The Reliefly™ Lower Back Belt has been designed to be worn as long as it’s needed, it can be used while sleeping and while doing physical activity.

Please hand wash the Reliefly™ Lower Back Belt, to guarantee the materials will not be damaged and to assure a long life of the brace.

No, the RelieflyLab™ Belt will not weaken your muscles the same way a lumbar corset brace would. A lumbar corset brace is designed to take over for your core, and if you wear it for too long, it makes your muscles weaker, putting you at more risk for injuring your back, getting a disk bulge, or a muscle strain.

The RelieflyLab™ Belt doesn't actually take over for any muscles, all it does is help to hold your SI Joints together, and therefore allow your ligaments to come back to their normal tension.

So you can wear it for weeks, or months without worrying about atrophy.

Our device comes with a 45 Day Risk-Free Guarantee. We're incredibly confident that you'll get relief from your back pain, but if you don't, please e-mail us at within 45 days of receiving the product.

You need to tighten the Reliefly™ Belt so it feels firm but comfortable. If you don't feel any improvements after the first few hours of wearing it, you can tighten it further.

The Reliefly™ Belt should be worn on your hip (under your waist). Here is a little tip on how to wear the Reliefly™ Belt: lift one leg and locate the front leg crease, align the bottom edge of the belt with that crease.

Yes, the Reliefly™ Belt has been specifically designed to be worn during physical activity too, thanks to the breathable neoprene for sweat resistance and the anti-slip silicone strips to prevent slipping while doing any type of movement.

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