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RelieflyLab® | Foot & Leg Stretcher

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RelieflyLab® | Foot & Leg Stretcher


4.7/5 stars rated.
Based on 2,365 reviews.

Trusted by 75.000+ People


1 Hour ago

Great idea, the fact it pulls ...

Great idea, the fact it pulls your toes towards you really makes the difference. It works great for my plantar fasciitis

Julie L.


7 Hours ago

I was a little doubtful it would work...

I was a little doubtful it would work. The pain in the hip and calf has lowered considerably I’ve used it 3 times to date. It’s improved hip and leg movement.
It’s well made and simple to use. Bare in mind if you’ve lost movement it will be fun trying to fit it the first couple of times It you have hip and leg pain give it a go.

Liz H.


15 Hours ago

Amazing! Using the strap is so much...

Amazing! Using the strap is so much easier, more comfortable and more effective than using a Pilates band.I suffer a lot from it even though I've done Pilates for 15 years. I'm meant to do my physio exercises daily and stretching the quads is one of the best for me along with the hip flexors. I've never been able to do it effectively with a band and can't do it at all without. This leg stretcher is a game changer, I've managed to get the muscles stretched like never before. I definitely recommend it for anyone who struggles to get effective stretches or struggles to hold the right position.

Heather Hodson


2 Days ago

If I knew about this 5+years ago...

If I knew about this 5+years ago, I wouldn't have bought endless insoles and silicone moulds for my feet, or had to endure painful feet, tight calves and even shooting pains up the leg.
Been using for a week now and I noticed the difference immediately. There was a bit of discomfort at first but it gradually disappeared as you relax and stretch again.
It's early days but I can feel my legs, feet, hips and back all realigning. Happy days.

Emily M.


4 Days ago

Great for a morning stretch...

Great for a morning stretch, relief the stiffness and pain. Easy to fold back in. Worth the money!

Oliver W.


9 Days ago

I’ve been suffering from leg...

I’ve been suffering from leg and knee issues. I have a rubber band from the NHS and instruction on what to do. I saw this and thought I’d give it a go. Wow! Huge difference I can sit and watch the news whilst stretching out my legs. Very well made and easy to use

Emma Jones


10 days ago

I damaged a nerve over a year ago...

I damaged a nerve over a year ago after twisting my ankle and it left me with ‘foot drop’ and a tingling in my foot. Things have slowly improved over that time (nerve damage heals slowly), and I had been using a makeshift brace to help me exercise and strengthen it. Then I saw this and have been using to to do the same exercises and it works so much better. The incremental sections are so helpful to work with tighter positions without slipping.

Mary FitzGerald

Everyone Loves The RelieflyLab™ Foot & Leg Stretcher!

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"The stretcher is simple and very effective. I have osteoarthritis in the knees, due to the change in posture, I got pain in the back of the knees and often cramps
in the thighs. Since I use this stretcher daily, the pain in the back of my knees is gone and the cramps in my thighs are rare. I can only recommend this stretcher and I can easily take it everywhere."

"I have had pain in my lower back for a long time when I stand or walk for a long time. My physiotherapist said that my thigh muscles are completely shortened. Since physiotherapy is too expensive for me in the long run, I googled and came across RelieflyLab. I've been using it for about 4 weeks now and I've noticed an ENORMOUS progress. I can finally go for long walks again without wanting to burst into tears from all the pain in my back. I would love to give it 10 stars, that's how happy I am. I can only highly recommend it to anyone with pain in the back!"

"I have had back problems a lot lately, and according to my osteopath I have shortened calves. Then an acquaintance recommended me such a stretcher trainer from RelieflyLab. I always use it directly after sports. It helps a lot"

Have a Question? We Can Help!

Instantly! Our device will provide instant relief from pain the first time you use it. With consistent use over a two week period you will gain benefits that last a lifetime.

Very simple! You can use foot stretcher in multiple ways! There is no specific way to use a foot stretcher. You can easily stretch your muscles standing up, sitting down or lying on the ground. Fix the foot stretcher appropriately and give a gentle stretch to enjoy your exercises in different postures.

You can use it for a couple of minutes; 10 to 15 minutes is ideal for everyday use. You can also give 2 to 3 min stretch in the morning when you wake up or before you go to bed for desirable results.

Yes, RelieflyLab™ legs stretchers is durable as it is made from high-quality material for your comfort and ease.

Our device comes with a 45 Day Risk-Free Guarantee. We're incredibly confident that you'll get relief from your back pain, but if you don't, please e-mail us at within 45 days of receiving the product.

No, legs stretchers are not dangerous. They are designed to maintain your fitness, but too much pressure and overstretching can weaken your foot, so it is recommended especially to dancers to do gentle stretching.

Straps are extremely durable. You can place as much tension on the straps as you desire.

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