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Hey there, my name is Tracy and I’m one of the founders of RelieflyLab!

Three years ago I was suffering from a severe case of bunion, and it was one of the toughest periods of my life. 

I suffered from really bad foot pains, which made it almost impossible for me to simply standing and sleeping.

It was frustrating to lie awake all night, feeling exhausted but unable to get rid of pain to sleep.

Eventually, I would see the sky getting brighter, knowing it was time to get up. But I had barely slept!

I would get through each day feeling like a zombie, and my sleep never got better.

I was desperate and tried literally everything to get rid of pain, but nothing worked!

Ibuprofen and Paracetamol that my doctor prescribed helped a bit, but it was always a temporary relief. And after 3 weeks, the pills stopped working altogether.

I also tried natural alternatives like podiatrist therapy, but it was just a temporary relief, and other types of bunions corrector, but all of them instead of aligning the big toe, they crushed the other toes creating additional problems and to make matters worse they were really uncomfortable and painful.

The only alternative left was surgery.

During one of my therapies, I was casually talking to my podiatrist friend Paul, who advised me, before booking the surgery to talk to Thomas an experienced hiker who had undergone several metatarsal and hallux valgus operations

Thomas told me that even after the surgery the solution had been temporary, in fact just 7 months after the first surgery I immediately had another one because my hallux valgus had reappeared.

He understood that he could not undergo surgery indefinitely, and I wanted to avoid the first one as well, especially after realizing that it could only be a temporary solution!

So I, Paul and Thomas, discussed the issue of bunions and foot pain. We triangulated the options and began designing a new cutting-edge technology for toe alignment and bunion correction.

It took us months of research and consulting, but we finally found a formula that worked. And it was a game changer!

After a few days of using the device, my bunions and foot pains were gone, and after 3 months my foot looked like it did 20 years ago, my bunion was gone!

Seeing the results, so many of Paul's patients started asking if they could buy this device from us.

That's when we decided to start RelieflyLab to make this device available to everyone!

Today, we’re proud to have over 8,000+ happy people using our bunions corrector and other products to ease foot pain and get out of bed pain-free!

Thank you so much for visiting our shop, We truly appreciate your love and support! 

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