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Reliefly™ | Relieve Pain FAST – Wherever You Are!

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Reliefly™ | Relieve Pain FAST – Wherever You Are!


4.7/5 stars rated.
Based on 2,365 reviews.

Trusted by 75.000+ People


1 Hour ago

hoping for help against debilitating back pain...

I purchased the Pain relief Pen device hoping for help against debilitating back pain due to degenerative discs at L4 and L5. Pain spread down the spine across the pelvis and into the right leg.
Ordered Friday evening 16/12, dispatched Monday 19/12, arrived Wednesday 21/12 - pretty impressive even if we are in the same State!
Well packaged.
As for the product I got instant relief after first use on 21/12.
Come Christmas Day and NO PAIN!! Unbelievable!
I do use it on four different locations every day.
Excellent result after so much pain for so long!
Will continue to use daily but maybe only a couple of times - test and see what happens will be the go.
Could not be happier and certainly recommend trying it.

Mark L.


7 Hours ago

A brilliant device...

A brilliant device. I have been waiting for 19 months for a double knee replacement, and suffering increasing knee pain. I have tried many pain relief therapies that work to a greater or lesser degree. This device, however, works a treat and has afforded me great pain relief. One tip, I looked up ‘Acupuncture knee pain relief points’ on the net and use these to achieve the optimum pain relief. A blessing Paingone, thanks.

John H.


15 Hours ago

Superb for joints...

I concur with everything written about this device. My only issue is why it isn't fitted with either a pocket clip or facility to use a lanyard. I drilled a small hole in the thumb pad near the end and fitted a lanyard. I now won't lose it out of my pocket. The pen is great for accessible joints but not do effective over a larger area like the base of the back but my TENS pads have that covered. For finger joints it is superb, way better than medication and cheaper in the long run than topical gels.

Heather Hodson


2 Days ago

After using this for around a week...

After using this for around a week I have to say it appears to work. The pain I have from osteoarthritis in the spine and knees seems to have improved by at least fifty per-cent. I have to say though it's imperative that you use the pen exactly as shown in the diagrams, any deviation and I would doubt its usefulness. This product is certainly not a cure-all but it definitely helps. Would recommend.

Maxime M.


4 Days ago

help with my shoulder pain ...

Bought the Pain Relief Pen to help with my shoulder pain. It does exactly as advertised as I can target the specific muscles and areas that are causing me issues. I was very surprised at how powerful it is and I can even use it on my piriformis. I have a Tens unit with the multiple sticky pads that I had been using but this is so much quicker and easier (not to mention cleaner). Its so great to just be able to grab it and do a little therapy as opposed to a big drawn out process. I would definitely recommend it!

Olivia W.


9 Days ago

The pain in my hand was significantly reduced...

I was skeptical about how the Pain Relief Pen would help, but I have to say, after a few days, the pain in my hand was significantly reduced. Maybe it is early days yet, but the initial results are great!"

Emma Jones


10 days ago

Improvement is already noticeable...

Only used the Pain Relief Pen for the second day but the improvement is already noticeable. Looking forward to pain free thumb joints again!

Mary FitzGerald

Everyone Loves The RelieflyLab™ OPEP Lung Cleaning Device!

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

vital part of my daily life...

"The Pain Relief Pain is a vital part of my daily life and I wouldn't be without it! I have a lower back condition which has been with me since 1983 and have prescribed medication (including a morphine patch) to help me. However, on a day to day basis - especially when I am walking - I need Pain Relief pen to get me through. At one point in my life I was in great pain from severely arthritic knees and my PainGone pen was put to use on my knees as well as my back!"

Happy with this purchase and look forward...

"I bought the Pain Relief Pain plus pen for my sister who has severe arthritis. She takes the pen everywhere with her and has experienced a lot of relief from pain almost immediately after use. I’m happy with this purchase and look forward to purchasing Pain Relief Pen for myself!

worked really quickly...

"I was given this pain relief pen by a friend and I can honestly say that it worked really quickly on my painful shoulder!"

Have a Question? We Can Help!

Reliefly's medical-grade FDA-compliant design is highly-effective towards a variety of respiratory-related conditions. Because of this, Doctors and Pulmonologists strongly recommend Reliefly to their patients when needed.

Reliefly's all-natural approach makes it suitable to help with symptoms for the following conditions: Asthma, COPD, smoker's cough, Bronchiectasis, Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema, Pneumonia, and many more respiratory conditions.

Despite that Reliefly has zero known side-effects, you should always consult with your doctor to make sure Reliefly is right for you.

Reliefly is so effective you'll be able to feel it working the very first time you use it. As quickly as overnight, your lungs may become noticeably clearer, and the more you use it, the stronger and healthier your lungs will become.

After using Reliefly once, you'll start to see why our customers describe it as “life-changing”. Over time Reliefly has the power to help with the following issues: wheezing, difficulty sleeping, sore throat, chest congestion, coughs that produce phlegm, respiratory infections.

Reliefly is completely safe to use, as there are no known side effects. Reliefly uses air to accelerate your body's natural process of removing nasty build-up from your airways, without steroids, chemicals, or toxins.

Reliefly's FDA-compliant medical-grade design has gone through extensive testing to make sure it's both safe and effective – another reason why it's so heavily recommended by Doctors and Pulmonologists.

Yes, it's completely safe and is FDA-compliant! Doctors and Pulmonologists recommend Reliefly because of how safe it is. It's all-natural, meaning there are no harmful chemicals, toxins, or steroids, so there are no known side-effects. This is why 80,000 people use Reliefly to help them breathe better and improve their quality of life.

Not at all! You may feel a slight tickle in your throat when you blow through the tube and a need to cough but it's completely normal and is part of your body's natural cleaning process to remove the mucus in your airways.

Once the stuck, dried up mucus has been cleared out of your airways, you'll feel incredible. Our customers describe it as a huge weight being lifted off their chest.

In short, Reliefly helps you remove mucus that is stuck in your lungs, which is often the cause of snoring.

The relationship between mucus and snoring is well known simply because it obstructs the airways — mucus lines the membranes of the throat and respiratory tract, which vibrates during the passage of air. This results in congestion and phlegm in the nasal and throat cavity is directly linked to snoring.

When you exhale through Reliefly, gentle pulses of positive pressure are created in your lungs and airways. These pulses expand airways and help loosen excess mucus, so you can clear it out naturally — instantly improving airflow and reducing your snoring. It’s proven effective and you will feel it working immediately!

Optimal use can vary by person depending on your needs, but generally, for the best results, we recommend using Reliefly a few times a day. Those who keep up with it and use it regularly should expect to see drastic improvements in their ability to breathe and overall lung health/strength over time.

Yes! Although we say Reliefly works for children ages 4 and up, any child or person who can take instruction and have the lung capacity to blow the standard ball bearing will get it to work.

All Reliefly devices come with a child-resistant cap as an added safety measure to prevent children from disassembling the device.

Sharing the device isn't recommended. Once you put your mouth on the device and blow through it, you can put others at risk through the sharing and spreading of germs. While Reliefly can easily be cleaned, it's highly recommended that everyone have their own device.

Since Reliefly can also be used by people of all ages, you can take advantage of our buy more save more deals going on right now – great for gifting to friends or family members.

Our device comes with a 45 Day Risk-Free Guarantee. We're incredibly confident that you'll get relief from your pain, but if you don't, please e-mail us at within 45 days of receiving the product.

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